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China's Manufacturing PMI down again in December: a weakened pulse reflecting decline in global energy demands!

  Contraction in China's Manufacturing  The latest data released by China's National Bureau of Statistics clearly shows that the the activities of the global manufacturing powers house, China, was down again in December, 2023. In fact, it has lost 0.4% points, from 49.4% in November to 49% in December. The significant index has been on a downward trend since September. The Manufacturing PMI of China is a barometer that represents China's manufacturing activity in a given month: the authorities survey the manufacturing managers in the vast country to gauge the activities at first hand; its threshold is 50% that indicates no changes; if it is above 50%, as happened in September, it is an expansion of the activity; on the other hand, any number below 50% is a contraction.  China's Manufacturing PMI for December With the latest data, China admitted explicitly that its manufacturing activity has contracted in the past four months. The admission has already cast a long shadow

Happy New Year to the resilient and innovative oil and gas community!

  Oil and gas industry - Happy New Year As the clock struck at midnight and we ushered in the fresh slate of 2024, it's a proud moment to raise a glass - or a hard hat, if safety's your calling! - to the remarkable community that keeps the world's engines humming: the oil and gas industry. Our warmest greetings go to the geologists, the drillers, the engineers, the pipeline tenders, the traders and even dowsers - who have helped in locating the oil and gas reserves, while being at the receiving end of ridicule for alleged practice of pseudoscience - who combine their tenacity, expertise, and unwavering dedication that bring warmth to homes, fuel transportation, and power countless industries under the Sun. The stakeholders defy the volatile markets, shifting landscapes, and evolving demands while adapting and innovating to ensure the energy flow neither falters nor evolves into a frightening uncertainty in the offing. The decade has been a whirlwind: geopolitical sto

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