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Oil price rises as the events in the Middle East take a turn for the worse!

Kamikaze drone attack on the US troops The conflict in the Middle East shows no sign of abating at present. The drone attack on an American military base on the Jordanian-Syrian border, by an Iran-funded Shia group from Iraq, is going to make things turn ugly in the next few days as the CENTCOM - United States Central Command - announced three American servicemen died and scores were injured on Saturday. The Kamikaze drone, most probably produced in Iran, was a lucky hit. In Iraq they were brought down by the US Patriot missile system, when the US bases were under constant attack. The US, in retaliation, targeted the masterminds in Iraq and assassinated with the Predator drones in the past few months. US Predator drone: Image Credit - Wikimedia Commons The targeted killing of Shia militants on the Iraqi soil has already left the Iraqi government in a precarious position; it demanded that the US troops leave the country much sooner than they mutually agreed upon in principle years ago. 

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