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Oil price keeps falling as the influence of Chinese spark on the wane!

The price of crude oil continues to fall as the increased demand from China did not buckle the trend, something that was anticipated by a large number of analysts. Falling banking stocks in Europe over the state of Credit Suisse dealt a further blow to the beleaguered markets this week. In addition, the worries over the health of the global economy as a whole weigh heavily on the prevailing sentiment that hardly gets a boost when interest rates are rising and a string of layoffs in certain sectors is on the rise.   The collective failure to tackle the energy crisis in its infancy, after the pandemic, is clearly at the heart of the problem. The outbreak of war quite unexpectedly in Ukraine made the matters worse, as a key player in the energy sector, Russia, was at the forefront.  The global energy crisis led to the inflation spiraling out of control, which in turn diminished the spending power of people, both in the developed and developing world. The failure by Amazon to meet the sale

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