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Houthi Attack near Saudi border and the sentiment shift in the oil markets

  Oil price on September, 25 - The seemingly unprovoked attack by the Houthi rebels on a contingent of Bahraini soldiers, who had been guarding the southern border between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, appeared to have taken the entire Middle East by surprise. As a result, an officer and a soldier have died and there have been more casualties as well. The Houthis have used a drone for the attack that has the potential to a finger being directed at a regional power by the Arab military coalition that had been formed to fight the Yemeni rebel group. The escalation took place, just after a delegation of Houthi rebels met the Saudi authorities in Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom, last week - the first direct contact between the two warring factions since hostilities began in 2015; both sides said talks were cordial and mood was optimistic.  There have been widespread condemnation over the attack by the Arab nations in the Middle East and of course, the US. In response, the

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