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Reiving the Iranian Nuclear Deal: will the latest talks result in a success at last?

  The negotiators from Iran and the rest of the signatories to the JCPOA, 2015 nuclear deal, are back in Vienna, the Austrian capital, to resume the negotiations, which was halted a week ago in light of Christmas holidays. The Iranian team projected a sense of optimism this time while Iranian foreign minister went as far as summing up the progress so far, to say ‘a deal is within reach’ according to the Iranian media. Iran, however, according to the minister, does not want to reach the deal under threats from the West. He was referring to the remarks made by the British foreign secretary and the US Secretary of State that the negotiations would not go for ever, implying resorting to the unspecified ‘other options’ that President Biden often referred to – in the event of failure. The latest change over the talks must be looked at while taking into account the latest developments on political front in the Middle East: just before the talks ended for the Christmas holidays, the C

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