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New Civil Transaction Law in Saudi Arabia: ties between the UAE and the Kingdom under scrutiny

CTL - New construction regulations, Saudi Arabia The Saudi cabinet on Tuesday, according to Saudi Press Agency, SPA, approved the controversial contracting regulations for firms that are not based in the Kingdom.  The Kingdom has already set a deadline - January, 2024 -  for the companies in question to move their regional headquarters to the Kingdom or risk losing lucrative contracts that are worth hundreds of billions of US dollars. The law, known as the CTL - Civil Transactions Law - covers both public and private contracts; some aspects had already set the alarm bells ringing in the business world, when it was first announced this year. When it comes to public projects, the CTL emphasizes the need of international firms having their regional headquarters in the Kingdom. If the firms already have their headquarters in Saudi Arabia, they comply with the law. The new international companies, however, may face challenges, when it comes to entering the lucrative Saudi construction secto

Eagles above the Battlefield: The Netherlands Readies F-16s for Ukraine, amidst the Shadow of the S-400

F-16 vs S-400 The battlefront in Ukraine that lost the attention of the global media at the onset of the war between Israel and Hamas, suddenly grabbed the headlines once again, as the involvement of the US-made fighter jets does not seem to remain in the hypothetical realm any more. If the Dutch government is going to stick to its daring initiative, the skies above Ukraine - and Russia for that matter too - are poised for a potential showdown in the air, in the next few months. On December 22nd, the Dutch government headed by Mark Rutte, the acting prime minister, announced the bold move: the Dutch authorities want to deliver 18 F-16 Falcon fighter jets to the beleaguered Ukrainian government to defend its skies from relentless Russian attacks that take place in multiple forms - almost on daily basis. Although the decision is yet to be finalized - and to be blessed by the US, the country of origin of the state-of-the-art fighter jets - it was a dramatic escalation in the Western milit

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