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Test Your Knowledge of the Oil & Gas Industry : take our 10-minute interactive quiz!

The Quiz: Multiple Choice Questions Time: 10 minutes - Created by Crude Oil Futures - This quiz covers significant milestones, key players, and evolving challenges in the oil and gas industry. It delves into historical developments, technological advancements, and contemporary issues impacting the sector. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your journey in the oil and gas world, this quiz is an opportunity to test your knowledge and stay informed about the dynamic landscape of this vital industry.   Start the Quiz   Submit Quiz

Oil Price: China's manufacturing activity shrinks, yet again in February

  China's purchasing manager's Index, PMI, a key metric that signals the health of the manufacturing sector in the world's second largest economy, fell slightly in February, despite scoring 0.2% rise in January relative to December, 2023. As it remains below the threshold, 50%, since September, 2023, analysts are concerned about the latest official figures that show yet another contraction in the manufacturing activities. A strong PMI - above 50% - indicates a rise in the manufacturing activities, something that both analysts and investors are eager to see.   Conversely, an index below the PMI, is an indication of contraction in the manufacturing sector that in turn puts pressure on the demand of oil and gas. At present, however, the expected value is below the threshold; it has been like that for months. In this context, a drop in the PMI by 0.1% may be statistically insignificant; the fact that it has been below 50% for an extended period of time, however, has the potenti

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