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Slightly Bearish mood dominates the crude oil markets!

  Bearish mood in the crude oil markets In proportion to the rate of optimism for a price rebound in the crude oil markets wearing thin, the hyperactivity of the stakeholders in the fossil fuel markets appears to be getting more and more intense by the day. The seemingly-hastily-arranged state visit by President Putin of Russia to two major oil producers in the Middle East two days ago is a case in point.  Defying an international arrest warrant, Mr Putin arrived in the UAE and Saudi Arabia onboard Russia's own ' Air Force One ', escorted by a fleet of  SU-35S fighter jets. Among the general issues discussed, according to both Russian and the Middle Eastern sources, were the wars in the Gaza strip, Ukraine, Syria and Yemen; in addition, the need of a constructive, collective move by the OPEC+ to stabilize the oil markets has been a major topic for discussion too, according to those who keep an eye on the development in the region. Mr Putin, who received a grand welcome

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