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The three pillars that support oil markets: availability, affordably and sustainability!

  India: energy facts At present, the speculations run rife in the energy markets about the next move by Saudi Arabia and Russia in the face of falling oil prices.  Every oil analyst ponders the thought - and inevitable consequences - of yet another production cut by some oil producers in order to shore up the prices, despite the possibility of  every member of the OPEC+ being on the wavelength remains low. To this day, however, the two bigwigs of the OPEC+ appeared to have chosen to be tightlipped about their next move. Saudi Arabia and Russia unilaterally embarked on a production cut of 1.5 million bpd - barrels per day - despite the protests from the consumer nations. Even the world's largest oil producer, the US, was not pleased with the move, but equally helpless to reverse it or at least make a dent on it. Both Saudi Arabia and Russia have already confirmed the production cuts will remain through December, leaving the scenario beyond that a closely-guarded secret. As of 10:14

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