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Japan appeals to oil producers to increase the production

Japanese economy - feeling the pinch of rising energy costs As the war between Israel and Hamas enters its second week, with no sign of the hostilities being on the wane, Japan, appealed  to the oil producing countries  on Wednesday  to increase the production in order to stabilize the energy markets . The urgent request was made after a telephone conversation between Mr Fumio Kishida, the Japanese prime minister and Mohammad bin Salman, the Saudi Crown Prince, over the war in the Middle East and its impact on the civilians in the affected areas.  Both leaders have discussed the ways to ease the tension in order to minimize the suffering of those who have been caught in the crossfire. It is not clear whether Mr Kishida personally brought up issue of the rising oil prices with the de-facto Saudi leader.  On Thursday, however,  Hirokazu Matsuno, the chief   cabinet secretary, spelled out the Japanese position on the same issue:  “Government of Japan will urge oil-producing countries to s

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