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I asked ChatGPT to predict the price of crude oil using AI: this is what happened!

  Throughout human history, the non-linear timeline of new inventions had always been punctuated by the dots of  skepticism at best and unbridled ridicule at worst. The men and women who shaped our way of living by their respective creations, something that we conveniently take for granted at present, did suffer silently in order to come up with devices that appeared impossible to make, show their relevance or both at the time of invention - to those who simply hated change. Alexander Graham Bell - inventor of the telephone - Nikola Tesla - inventor of AC, alternating current - Wright brothers - inventors of airplane and of course, Steve Jobs - the inventor of iPhone - for instance, had their usual share of brickbats, to name but a few. In this context, the advent of AI, Artificial Intelligence, is no exception: there are people who simply hate it; then, there are folks who just do not see any advantage that stems from the concept; ironically, there are also a significant number of tec

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