Jet fuel price crosses the break-even mark as momentum builds up in the air travels


Heathrow skies in May 2021

With the impending relaxation of travel restrictions, the airlines are optimistic that the days before getting air travel to pre-pandemic level is not just a pigment of imagination of the industry any more.

The mood has never been positive this much during the last 18 months since the world went into the global lockdown of the century.

There are plenty of planes flying over the skies above and near Heathrow, one of the busiest airports in the world; the image, capture on Tuesday afternoon show the changing picture;it was the polar opposite of what we witnessed in February this year with two or three planes in the skies over the same region at any time of the day.

Heathrow, the main airport in the United Kingdom suffered immensely due to the pandemic: it provides hundreds of thousands of locals with employment with an equal number dependent on indirect employment opportunities.

In response to the encouraging relaxation of travel restrictions, the airlines lost no time in coming up with plans that to cash in on the development. As a result, the jet fuel price increased and has now gone above the break-even level.


jet fuel above break-even point

As the Coronavirus infections appears to be kept at bay in most parts of the US and Europe, it is not unrealistic to envisage a boom in travel in the coming months.


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