Infection and death rates in the UK are down - finally

covid-19 uk january 2021


Coronavirus infection rate in the United Kingdom seems to be subsiding finally, having registered the highest death toll since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

The fall in the figures, however, has not given the authorities any meaningful cause for optimism, as they have been there before; if the public flout the lockdown rules, as happened in the last summer, things can get worse again, as it happened after the Christmas.

In short, the pandemic can only be kept at bay with the public complying with the measures introduced by the authorities.

Despite the encouraging statistics, the government is not prepared to take any more risks: the opening of schools may not happen in February after all; even summer holidays are in jeopardy now; even on the vaccine front, there are logistical issues to deal with.

The other lingering worry is the emergence of new variants and the way they will respond to the existing vaccines.

There is no tangible sign of air travel coming back to normal; nor is there any indication of road traffic getting back to pre-pandemic level.

That means there is no light end of the tunnel as far as businesses are concerned.

All in all, when we really will be normal is jut anybody’s guess.


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