Covid-19: can both cause and solution lie in the same phenomenon?


covid-19 and resonance

This is just a random thought, folks!

The emergence of the Covid-19 out of the blue still baffles the scientific community with no firm evidence to locate the exact origin even after a period of one year, let alone a solution.

Only after the rest of the world came to know that it was a pandemic, did the WHO, the World Health Organization, make up their collective mind to declare it was a pandemic, after all.

They were not in favour of masking up the whole populations either at the early stages of the pandemic; but later chose to go with the flow.

The organization may have learned its lessons, when the way it handled came under severe scrutiny while heading to a point of funding being slashed by the Western countries, led by the United States under President Trump.

It is unfortunate that the medical experts in the organization have to tread carefully on a political minefield in order to get to the truth – and the real origin of the pandemic.

The ordinary folks, meanwhile, scratch their heads as to why we just have to pin our hopes on vaccines as the only solution, despite the decades of research on pathogens on a massive scale.

In this context, it is very difficult to suppress the psychological tentacles of curiosity: have we been barking up the wrong tree all these years?

By expressing a mere, unorthodox thought about the pandemic is not a hanging offence these days; the risk of getting Galileo treatment is next to nothing, as the religious establishment is not as powerful as it was back then.

You can be ridiculed by the medical establishment, though. You can live with it; President Trump suggested the injection of a certain liquid into a vein as the last resort in lighter vein, yet managed to face the presidential election as if nothing happened, while winning over 46% of the popular vote share.

I have been wondering about the phenomenon of resonance as a possible cause, perhaps hailing from a background of physics. My thinking got a further boost by what legendary Nikola Tesla once famously said, “If you wish to understand the Universe think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

I have been thinking along the lines of vibrations and corresponding frequencies, adding resonance to it later on, indeed.

In my A Level class, I was told the phenomenon takes place when the natural frequency of an object in the universe is equal to the forced frequency by an external source on the very object; nowhere in the textbooks, does it say that human beings are excluded from it, owing to our relative intellectual superiority over the other creatures.

When I whistle a song, resonance occurs inside my mouth; when thunder strikes, the windows rattle; in an MRI machine, magnetic resonance imaging, the phenomenon is used for medical purposes.

Most gadgets around me, whose functions that we take for granted, do work on resonance: the mobile phone, radio, television, to name but a few; they all have antennas and so does the Coronavirus – at least in a functional sense.

Not everyone gets Coronavirus, even if the individual in question is exposed to it.

Radio waves are around us, yet we just do not know they exist unless we carry out two vital steps: powering on a radio and tuning into a station of our choice.

It’s the same with mobile signals; they are around me, yet only strike my phone, not that of my wife or a friend.

Sopranos sing and crack wine glasses, but most of us cannot do it despite our best efforts that anatomically spread as far as the rectum, let alone shedding light on the phenomenon.

The new variant of the virus was detected in the United Kingdom in January and the rest of the world closed the borders for us – and some wringing their hands with glee, even in the middle of a global, not a national, pandemic.

Then, the new variant and newer variants, started emerging in various parts of the world - without coming into contact with the individuals from the United Kingdom.

The global outbreaks seem to be synchronous when you look at the way they defy geographical blocks, to hit both the developed and developing nations across the world.

Scientists say a virus is not even a living being. Yet, it seems to be outsmarting both the experts and laymen alike, while staying a step ahead of the cumulative onslaught against it – even without an anatomical structure in biological sense.

It knows how to choose its host, judging by the way the pandemic spreads; if it evolves into a less deadly variant, it also knows not to destroy its host – the human beings – being well aware of its own demise when the former die out.

The Coronavirus is not as dead as the rotting log in the woods. It certainly vibrates at a specific frequency or frequencies and so do we.

More often than not, I resonate with a classical tune on the Classic FM without any effort on my part. The rest of my household rarely follow suit. When it happens, I simply make up my mind blaming it on their own unique frequencies rather than imposing my will on others.

That’s how I account for the arrival of a tune to my mind out of the blue, something I heard years ago.

In the movie, the Man who Knew Infinity, professor G H Hardy of Cambridge University struggled to help the Indian Mathematical prodigy, Ramanujan, when the latter came up with mathematical formulae without formal proof.  Ramanujan kept saying they just came to him, something he attributed to his local goddess, back in India.

The rest of the mathematicians, however, were not in favour of accepting formulae without proof, something the rest of us have to do all the time.

Professor Hardy, an avowed atheist, finally concluded that the mathematical formulae that Ramanujan plucked from the thin air, were in fact, already there.

Ramanujan must have raised his thought vibrations to those of the formulae in question that resulted in streams of them heading his way that kept him wide awake at night at the expense of his health.

Our day-to-day mundane experiences show us that if we fall into a pit, the way out is exactly the way in, apart from reversing the direction.

In this context, if resonance is the cause of simultaneous outbreaks of the Coronavirus across the world, the cure or at least the art of keeping it at bay, may also be hidden in the phenomenon.

Media portrayed those who attacked the Capitol building as folks who were on the same wavelength. I don’t why it was not substituted with frequency, which is easily connected through the bridge of speed to the wavelength.

Despite not being a language expert, I am in favour of frequency that is more closely associated with resonance than the wavelength in the colloquial expression.

The potential role of resonance in the outbreak of the Coronavirus is just a simple, random thought that everyone gets from time to time, not even a hypothesis, unless it reaches the critical mass when the world runs out of options.
















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