Clear Evidence that Fossil Fuels are Here to Stay...

US energy consumption 2019

The EIA, US Energy Information  Agency, says in its latest report that fossil fuel, including petroleum, natural gas, and coal, formed the largest share of energy production and consumption in the United States, the world’s top fuel user, last year.

In 2019, it was staggering 80% of domestic energy production and 80% of the domestic energy consumption.

The revelation casts a worrying a shadow over the optimism of going Green any time soon: 80% of production and that of consumption are not small numbers; they are immensely significant.

That means the supply-demand lever of fossil fuels, especially crude oil, is going to shape the US energy realm for years to come.

In this context, it is not feasible to see notable drop from 80%, both in production and consumption, in the near future –certainly not after being bruised by a pandemic.


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