Iran forms trilaterals, and quadrilaterals with its neighours to woo investment in energy sector


Iran, Inida and Uzbekistan

As the talks to revive the 2015 nuclear deal enters the sixth round in Vienna, Austria, involving the signatories to the deal, Iran does not seem to have  lost its hope for the sanctions being lifted, despite the mixed signals that come from Tehran.

There are plenty of indications to support the idea that Iran does want to see an end to the international sanctions so that it can once again become a serious player in the international energy markets.

The production of crude oil, as shown by many reliable sources, for instance, has not suffered due to uncertainty over the final outcome of the talks in Vienna; on the contrary, Iran has been ramping up the production for months.

The Iranian ambassador to India, meanwhile, has offered India one of its key ports in the Persian Gulf as a base for the strategic oil reserves of the latter and a standalone gas pipeline.

Iran has been instrumental in forming ‘quadrilaterals’ and ‘trilateral’ with its immediate neighbours, numbering four and three respectively for some time, in order to encourage the flow of investment.

The trilateral involving India, Iran and Uzbekistan is a case in point; the three countries in question plan to use Chabahar Port in a collective manner as part of this initiative.

The Iranian team in Vienna, meanwhile, showed optimism again in the latest round of talks; although they admit the presence of thorny issues, the tone was much more conciliatory, this time.

The political analysts believe that the near-certainty of a hard-line conservative being elected at the presidential election next week, will not derail the talks over the JCPOA, as stakes are really high for Iran, if it chooses to go down that path.

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