Energy from Renewable Sources: it's still just 11% in the US

US energy consumption

The above graph shows that the energy obtained from renewable sources in the US was just 11% in 2019, despite the growing enthusiasm for going green.

It's almost a three-fold increase since what it was in 2000; however, it was not impressive enough to see the end of the usage of fossil fuels.

As of 2019, the energy from fossil fuels was a staggering 69%. Bringing it down, even down to 50%, in a matter of few years is just wishful thinking; it will take decades to change the status quo. Of course, measures are in place in the US to cut down on CO2 emissions.

As the above data shows, turning its back on the fossil fuels is still just a distant dream. That's why a report-after-report indicates that fossil fuels are here to stay for decades to come. 

Since the emission of CO2 and its impact on the environment is undeniable, the fossil fuels producers will be compelled to take the concept of minimizing the damage much more seriously in order to stay relevant - in this context.

Data & image credit: EIA

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