Auctioning Off Land Blocks in Alaska for Oil Exploration


By narrowing down the definition of what is tantamount to ‘serious environmental harm’, the Trump administration is going ahead with auctioning off the lands of Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, ANWR, while asking potential bidders to come forward on Tuesday.

With less than 70 days left before a change in administration, the critics argue that it was a move that makes the determination of the incoming administration to oppose or even reverse it, much more difficult.

It's interesting to see how many big players in the realm of oil exploration will come forward without the incurring the wrath of the Green activists, who are getting bolder and more influential by the day.

Even if they are reluctant, the opportunities for potential smaller players are wide open they may be tempted to make a move.

polar bear

Even before the presidential election in 2016, Mr Trump had been advocating the trimming down what he used to call, 'unnecessary bureaucracy' in the machinery of the government. 

The issue of environmental concerns against the expansion of the oil sector, especially in the Federal lands, was one of them.

It remains to be seen how the Trump administration deals with repercussions that stem from the 11th hour intervention in the sector.

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