Airline Industy: a ray of hope - at last


Heathrow planes

The optimism in the airline industry about gradual return to normalcy is, after all, not just wishful thinking of those who have been severely hit by the pandemic; it is realistic, indeed.

The number of planes in the Skies in the US and UK speaks volumes; in the UK, around Heathrow, there are plenty of planes in the sky, compared with what we saw about a week ago. The data from shows that is the case.

Although the demand of diesel and petrol has recovered well the jet fuel did not recover in the same proportion, when there were no planes in the skies. The gloomy spectacle is changing fast, giving a multiple sectors, directly connected to air travel, a ray of hope – at last.

Since a significant number of planes carry cargo from a continent to continent or within a continent, it is a really encouraging sign that the transportation of good by air will be close to pre-pandemic level in a matter of weeks, giving a life-line for the countries whose export revenues plummeted during the pandemic.

We are not out of the wood yet, though. A few major European countries are bracing themselves for yet another lockdown in the face of increased infections; these countries could not get the respective populations vaccinated in time due to various logistical challenges.

In Africa too, some countries are on the verge of major lockdowns, as the rate of infections has gone up significantly.

We can only hope that the so-called Third Wave will be much more manageable than the first two waves, as the public awareness – and responsibility – is at a better point on a scale civic responsibility.








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